• Paul Allen

    I've just used my ear cleaner for the first time. It took a little experimentation with the gyro & choosing ears, but once acclimatised it was easy, and great...! When I say great, I mean yuk...! Wow, it was like looking at a horror movie or another planet...!! When my doctor told me they couldn't see my right ear drum because if wax, well today I found out why. Just wow... I can see my ear drum now.

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  • Edgar Ramirez

    I now have two grinders, I’ll dedicate one to cold brew and another for dialing in espresso. Overall good grinder. The magnet some people are asking about is built into the base of the grinder itself. The rubber pad is thick and the cup slides a little bit, but the magnet is definitely there. I would also recommend you not grind more than 40g of coffee into the included cup. Stick to 30g or less. Other than that, it’s great.

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  • Lilian Hobbs

    I have received mine and its working great but to respond to some of the comments that it is a failed project
    - if it wont attach to the case you need to have a flat surface, I have found my iPhone 14max works best at the bottom
    - the motor kicks in or keeps running, it all depends on the angle of the phone and once again if its balanced it sticks really well

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