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ACEGMET DP20-LCD Display Digital Tape Measure

ACEGMET DP20-LCD Display Digital Tape Measure

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Product Description:

ACEGMET DP20 is a Laser Measure Device that utilizes a laser, digital display, and tape measure.

This fully-featured tool provides default real-time distance, area, volume, and indirect measuring functions. An easy-to-read backlit display lets you get readings day or night. In addition, the Laser precision technology allows this pocket-sized tool to take instant and reliable measurements up to 131 ft so that you can size up the job in seconds.

High Score on Amazon

In the past three years, Acegmet has sold over 30,000 devices on Amazon and has kept an average 4.5 stars high record on Amazon. 

Functional with Cost Effective

DP20 comes with a 5m/16ft AutoLock tape for short-distance measurements. And the 60m/131ft laser meets the demand of long-distance—bright, easy-to-read LCD window on top for ease of reference. The extra functions of the app give you a quick floor drawing experience.

Digital Display + Laser + Tape 

Digital Tape Measure

The Advanced Photoelectric Decoding Technology ensured LCD result consistent precise with the actual tape physical read. In addition, DP20 adopts unique coding technology to improve the reading accuracy of tape data and prevent brush skipping or missing brushes. As a result, data reading in two ways makes your measurement more accurate and convenient.

2 Ways of Data Reading

The leading photoelectric decoding technology ensured the measurement number of the digital display is precisely consistent with the length of the tape measure. 

When measuring with the tape, DP20 comes with two reference points of choice, Button and/or TOP.

With the built-in laser measuring module, the measuring accuracy of DP20 can be ±1/8 inch, and the accurate distance can be read within the effective range while moving.

High Transmittance Lens

A professional high transmittance lens plus an aspheric optical focusing lens provide a stronger signal and higher accuracy.

Instant & Precise Laser Mode

Just point the red laser dot on something you need to measure, and almost instantly, you get a reading down to fractions of an inch.

Dual Sensor

To achieve an efficient reading of measurement data, we developed an advanced dual-sensor measurement system for the DP20. The leading encoding technologies ensured that the DP20 has reliable reading accuracy in every measurement.


 Tape Mode or Laser Mode 

Tape mode meets the measure demand of short objects and short distances. At the same time, Laser mode can apply to long-distance and hard-reaching places. Combine the advantages of both ways. You can measure almost everything & everywhere in your daily work or house decoration. In addition, both measuring ways can quickly read and store data with the help of an LCD Digital Display.

Tape Measurement with Digital Display
Laser Measurement with Digital Display

DP20 combined the excellent features of different laser tape measurers. It does everything you need it to do and then some.

We have integrated DP20 with the well-known Internet of Things APP "Tuya." After connecting DP20 with APP, the measurement data can be recorded in real-time and stored in the app. It's easy to operate and gives better estimates with less work and walking around the perimeter.

APP Interface

How does the App Work?


Besides measuring in a straight line, it can also quickly swap between Area / Volume / Pythagoras measurement methods & store your measurements with the "Laser Mode" button. 

Measured Beyond Expectation

When given the appropriate measurements, DP20 will automatically calculate the area and volume of a room or lengths of different sides of a right triangle.  Multi-functional/all-purpose and capable of many different types of measurements, calculations, and readouts!

A specialized "Unit" button designed for quick switching between M/In/Ft. Compared with a traditional tape measurer, DP20 provides more functions and convenience, making your work much more manageable. In this way, DP20 can quickly adapt to your different measurement needs.

DP20 adopted a lithium electronic power supply so that the laser tape measure can be rechargeable, economical, environmental-friendly and durable. Additionally, Laser will auto-off without operation after the 30s, and LCD can auto-off after suspending 10s, automatically saving energy for you.

With the USB slide cover dustproof design, the USB-C charging interface is dustproof in dusty environments such as construction sites.

DP20 can store up to 35 groups (Bluetooth Version) of historical data measurement data and is not afraid of loss. No need to take notes by handwriting in every measure.

The 2inch backlight screen provides you with better visibility even in dark areas; 5 specialized keys allow you to quickly switch mute settings at your will in a second.

Backlight LCD Screen

LCD Display Icons

DP20 Quick Start Guide


DP20 fits good in the hands and is not too heavy. It's compactable with pocket size. The back belt clip offers an effort-free hook for great convenience. When clipped to a belt, workers can easily access the tape measure.

Pocket Size
Attachable Belt Clip

DP20 is extremely helpful for various professionals like designers, interior designers, engineers, contractors, industry planning, DIY projects, etc. In short, it’s a versatile measurement handy device for numerous purposes. 

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