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TOFARO-Smaller and More Portable Visual Ear Cleaner

TOFARO-Smaller and More Portable Visual Ear Cleaner

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Product Description:

Maintaining ear hygiene is vital for good health. Traditional visual ear cleaners face issues like inconvenient length, blurry image quality, difficult operation, and poor image transmission. To tackle these problems, we present the innovative TOFARO smart mini visual ear cleaner with a creative retractable metal rod!

The TOFARO visual ear cleaner offers key benefits with its retractable metal rod and detachable earpick head, which can be easily stored in a dustproof cover. Its mini size allows for convenient portability and storage, unlike regular visual ear cleaners. Furthermore, this design prevents extended exposure of the earpick head to external elements, reducing the risk of bacterial and dust accumulation.

When you swiftly retract the metal rod of TOFARO, it transforms into a mini size, measuring only about 100mm, resembling the compactness of a lipstick. This enables you to conveniently place it in your handbag, allowing you to clean your ear canal anytime, anywhere, or effortlessly store it in a storage box at home.

TOFARO utilizes a manual rotating extension technology, enabling you to quickly retract and conceal the metal rod, thus achieving a simple and smooth operation.

The traditional visual ear cleaner requires button pressing for operation, which can be cumbersome. However, TOFARO utilizes an electromagnetic induction switch, automatically turning on when extended and turning off when retracted. This eliminates the need for button pressing, ensuring a superior user experience.

The lenses of traditional visual ear cleaners often deliver blurry images, making it difficult to observe the inner conditions of the ear clearly. TOFARO is equipped with a 1080P HD camera, providing exceptional clarity that allows for effortless examination of intricate details within the ear, ensuring thorough cleaning.

TOFARO features a detachable head with a built-in storage slot on the dustproof cover, unique and practical. After use, simply detach and store the head, preventing the growth of bacteria and accumulation of dust, thus maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. This design enables convenient portability and prevents the loss of the ear spoon head.

You can connect TOFARO to the "earpro" app on your phone or tablet via WiFi, allowing you to view the real-time footage as the ear cleaner goes deep into your ear canal.

TOFARO utilizes an advanced flight controller chip to ensure seamless coordination between the "earpro" App and the camera display, making setup and automatic connection to your phone effortless and smooth. It guarantees uninterrupted transmission of image data, providing a clear and seamless view of the cleanliness of your ear canal.

Clean your ear precisely in all directions with 360°angle detection. The 3-axis smart gyroscope consists of an accurate measurement that will detect the slightest movement of the cleaning rod.

Some users are allergic to the materials used in traditional ear cleaners. To address this issue, the spoon head of TOFARO is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel and injected with food-grade silicone in the mold to ensure that it does not cause allergic reactions when in contact with the ear.

180mAh Battery Capacity

With long-lasting battery life, the TOFARO is convenient, portable, and hassle-free. A full charge can be used for a 65-70min duration.

Enjoy the best ear cleaning experience while being comfortable with the TOFARO. Safe for children three years old and up, they can watchthe ear cleaning process while you clean their ears.

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