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HiBREW G5 Electric Coffee Grinder with 99.8% Powder Rate

HiBREW G5 Electric Coffee Grinder with 99.8% Powder Rate

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Product Description:

HiBREW G5's innovative structural design features 15° and 90° grinding angles, ensuring smooth and thorough powder flow. The top is designed with a powder blower, so that the powder extraction rate of HiBREW G5 can reach as high as 99.8%. HiBREW G5 provides you with a smooth grinding experience while meeting your ultimate requirements for the quality of coffee powder, whether for Turkish, Espresso, Mocca, Drip Coffee, or Pour Over coffee.

Thanks to the unique powder blower design at the top, HiBREW G5 achieves an impressive 99.8% powder extraction rate, which means you can extract more coffee powder from the same amount of beans compared to other regular grinders. It precisely grinds coffee beans to the desired consistency, reduces coffee bean waste.

Currently, there are many drawbacks to coffee bean grinders on the market. For example, they have difficult to clean internally, and prone to problems such as low coffee powder extraction rate and clogging. To address these problems, we have specifically designed HiBREW G5 to provide you with a new grinding experience!

HiBREW G5 has undergone thousands of experiments to design two adjustment angles for grinding or powder outlet: 15° and 90°. The 15° grinding or powder outlet angle is precisely calculated using principles of dynamic aesthetics. This angle improves grinding efficiency, ensures smoother powder output, and effectively avoids powder scattering.

When adjusting the grinding angle to 90 degrees, selecting the high speed can easily grind medium roast coffee beans, while choosing the slow speed grinds light roast coffee beans, which helps achieve a more consistent grind and meets the demands of professional coffee making.

The professional-grade 40mm conical burr has efficient grinding capabilities that can grind coffee beans into an evenly fine powder with minimal residuals.

HiBREW G5 utilizes a CNC 5-axis precision steel grinding core and a high-precision metal gearbox, which enables smooth transfer of motor power to the conical blades for grinding coffee beans. This design ensures that the grinding process is uniform and efficient, leading to a smooth and consistent extraction of coffee powder.

Featuring 36 Grinding Settings, this coffee grinder offers an astonishing range of possibilities. You can set the grinding level according to your personal preferences, resulting in a near-perfect taste for every cup of coffee. If you want to enjoy a cup of top-quality coffee with exceptional flavor, the HiBREW G5 is the ideal choice for you.

If you are a coffee lover, especially of Italian-style coffee, then you cannot miss out on HiBREW G5. With just a few easy button presses, you can grind out professional-grade coffee powder and become a coffee master at home. If you occasionally drink mocha, drip, or pour-over coffee, HiBREW G5 is also easy to use.

The HiBREW G5 grinder has two grinding speeds for slow and high grinding, with a built-in 180W DC motor that can achieve slow and high speed shift. You can choose different grinding speeds for coffee beans with different roasting levels, improving the fineness and efficiency of coffee bean grinding and getting better coffee powder. When in use, you can switch the grinding speeds with just one button, which is very convenient.

This powerful DC motor that reduces noise by 5-15% and lasts 20-30% longer than regular AC motors. It's strong, energy-efficient, and can change speeds easily and output torque stably. You can grind coffee beans quickly with the press of a button and enjoy your coffee right away.

Our HiBREW G5 features a stable powder collection. Equipped with a powder collection cup with magnetic positioning, it can easily align with the base of the grinder, preventing it from tipping over during the powder collection process and thus better collecting the ground coffee powder.

The HiBREW G5 has a stylish and compact design made of aluminum. It can save you up to 50% of space on your countertop, making it look cleaner and more spacious. It's perfect for both home and office use, and it will fit in with your lifestyle seamlessly.

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