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Vacuum Adsorption Car Phone Mount With Wireless Charging

Vacuum Adsorption Car Phone Mount With Wireless Charging

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Product Description:

The Zelbemwe phone holder stands out with its unique magnet-free design. It features a nano-suction cup on one side and a vacuum suction cup on the other. While driving, the vacuum suction cup securely holds your phone in place, and the nano-suction cup firmly attaches the holder to your car's windshield or any smooth surface, without needing any magnetic attachments. It's incredibly user-friendly and can be easily used by anyone.

Simply attach the holder's vacuum suction cup to the back of your phone. Once the suction cup detects your smartphone touching, it automatically activates the vacuum suction function, thereby firmly holding your smartphone. This process is both straightforward and quick, completing efficiently in just 1 second. Even if the suction force decreases, the suction cup will performs again automatically during working.

Also A Desktop Stand

Just press the button on the vacuum suction cup to instantly take off your phone, no need for tedious disassembly work.

Zelbemwe comes with the ability to wirelessly charge your phone. It features a Type-C port on its vacuum suction cup. You can power the suction cup by connecting it with a Type-C cable and then easily attach your smartphone to it for charging

One side of Zelbemwe uses nano adhesive technology in its suction cup, creating strong adhesion on smooth surfaces. This enables Zelbemwe to firmly attach to car windshields or other smooth surfaces without requiring glue or magnetic support. It can be removed without leaving any residue.

Zelbemwe comes with a flexible support arm that can be adjusted to the right angle, ensuring everyone can find the perfect position for using their smartphones. 

With the 360° rotatable design ,you can switch your phone to any direction quickly.This enables a myriad of customized viewing angles while you’re on the road.

The vacuum suction is extremely strong, and has the ability to resist vibrations, capable of securely attaching objects weighing up to 5 kilograms. Therefore, your smartphone will remain firmly held in place and won't fall off.

Zelbemwe is a universal phone holder designed for all sizes of smartphones and their protective cases. Say goodbye to the limitations of phone clips. Moreover, it's versatile for use on other objects with smooth surfaces as well.

Moreover, you can detach the nano suction cup and reassemble it on the same plane as the vacuum suction cup. This way, you can secure Zelbemwe to your laptop, allowing you to simultaneously view your smartphone and computer screen.

The compact Zelbemwe phone holder features a dual vacuum suction design and a 40cm extendable arm. You can attach one side to your smartphone and the other side to surfaces like tables, walls, cars, or computers, making it versatile for various situations. The using angle is adjustable from 0° to 225°, allowing you to find the perfect viewing angle according to your needs! 

Zelbemwe is designed with a compact size, taking up minimal space and making it easy to carry and store.

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