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Moaan: Write More Naturally and Travel Lighter

Moaan: Write More Naturally and Travel Lighter

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Product Description:

Moaan is a really good deal for an E-Ink Tablet with a big screen. It has a sleek white look and a fancy back cover. The exquisite details make it stand out among other ePaper tablets.

Moaan E-Ink Tablet introduces a 10.3” A4 size flexible glass-free E-ink screen for the first time. Compared to traditional glass screens, Moaan's flexible screen is more elastic and lightweight, giving you a writing experience that truly feels like real paper. Plus, its thinner and lighter body allows you to effortlessly take notes, read, and annotate anytime, anywhere!

The E-ink layer of Moaan adopts a flexible, bendable, glass-free layer design, weighing only 70g. Thanks to this design, we balance a 10.3” A4-sized screen with a lighter body than traditional glass screens.

When you write on the screen, the pen tip gets closer to the surface compared to a glass screen, making it feel like you're truly writing on paper!

Great for students, sketch artists, comic book fans, book lovers, etc.

It also features a flat PMMA cover and Anti-Glare (AG) film. Compared to similar products, it is more comfortable to write on, including surface friction when writing.

Measuring 6.5mm thin and 9.5inches long, it's light and small enough to carry with you anywhere!

10.3” flexible E-Ink screen meets 227ppi | 1872 x 1404 HD resolution. This excellent flexible screen is friendly to your eyes, letting you read, write, or draw whenever the mood strikes!

The Wacom® electromagnetic pen is like magic! When you press harder, your lines get bolder—just like using a regular pen on paper. It gives you awesome control for making cool drawings and writing, all in the digital world!

If the pen tip goes wrong, you don't have to replace the entire pen, you just need to replace the it, which saves money and is eco-friendly.

It's super handy and makes your life easier. Capture ideas on the fly by saving or taking annotations. Easily find your handwritten notes or typed texts to stay organized..

Plus, you can customize page layout and screen contrast to match your reading style. It's all about making reading enjoyable to you!

A perfect document viewer with full compatibility. With all common file formats including: pdf、epub、txt、doc、docx、wps、ppt、pptx、dps、xls、xlsx、csv、et、html、mht. (Additional formats can be accessed through third-party apps.)

Use your finger with capacitive touch for quick notes or sketching, or use the included Wacom stylus for writing, document mark-up, or detailed drawing

This E-Ink screen alleviates eye fatigue, allowing you to set aside concerns about electronic screens and fully immerse yourself in reading.

You've got 2GB of RAM to keep things running smoothly—no glitches or delays. And with 32GB of storage space, whether you're reading e-books, taking notes, or enjoying pictures, you've got room to spare for all your stuff.

WiFi connection for easy syncing of files, convenient viewing and editing; Backup your book notes, share thoughts and enjoy rich reading resources and sending emails, browsing the web, downloading e-books.etc.

Bluetooth pairing mode allows you to connect various devices, enhancing your reading experience. Support Bluetooth keyboard, earbuds, speaker, headphones, etc.

Moaan’s CPU is like a power-saving superhero—it switches between big and small cores and hardly sips any power when the screen isn't changing. Thanks to its special power-saving smarts, the battery lasts even longer.

The 3800mAh battery lets you read to your heart's content without constantly worrying about recharging.

Turning the E-Ink screen into a tablet is a breeze with full support for Google's Play framework, including the Google Play store. You can install almost any Android app. The Android system also plays nice with third-party apps, giving you more options for study, work, and entertainment.

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