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Hvsaio-Multifunctional Neck Air Conditioner & Speaker & Fan

Hvsaio-Multifunctional Neck Air Conditioner & Speaker & Fan

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Product Description:

Hvsaio is a multi-functional neck air conditioner that combines cooling, heating, fan, and Bluetooth speaker features, suitable for year-round use. It enables you to easily cope with cold and hot weather while enjoying music, making calls, or singing karaoke indoors and outdoors, providing you with a comfortable and entertaining experience throughout the year.

Hvsaio can be used as a air conditioner. In hot summer, by turning on the cooling mode and adjusting the temperature, Hvsaio can quickly cool you down. The temperature was cooled to 8°C below ambient temperature.

Hvsaio is a true neck air conditioner that not only cools but also heats. When the cold season arrives, the Hvsaio can also switch to the heating mode, providing warmth. By using it as a neck warmer, it can also help alleviate fatigue. The highest temperature can be adjusted to 45℃.

Hvsaio can be used as a neck fan. The bladeless fan design eliminates the risk of hair entanglement or finger cuts, ensuring safe use for people with long hair, children, and the elderly.

Hvsaio's dual-side air outlet design allows for a 360° all-around airflow. This design provides you with even and consistent cooling from all directions, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable experience during use.

Hvsaio offers adjustable wind speeds, allowing you to choose the airflow that suits you best, providing a personalized cooling experience. The fan's air circulation ensures that every inch of your skin can feel the rapid cooling effect, offering you an all-around sense of comfort.

Hvsaio can also serve as a neck-hanging speaker. It features two premium Bluetooth subwoofers, delivering a 360° surround sound effect that immerses you in the world of music. Additionally, the built-in microphone allows you to make voice calls anytime, chat with friends and family, and even enjoy karaoke fun.

Hvsaio supports stable Bluetooth 5.0 transmission, widely compatible with Android, iOS systems, tablets, and other devices.

Hvsaio is equipped with a large 5200mAh capacity battery, supports Type-C charging, and provides 2.5-12 hours of working time, You can take it with you on-the-go without worrying about running out of power.

With a brushless motor, Hvsaio operates with lower noise, creating a tranquil environment for you.

The side-mounted battery indicator light of Hvsaio allows you to easily check the battery life, keeping you informed of the charging status and facilitating your travels.

With dimensions of just 201.3 x 185.0 x 43.5mm, Hvsaio is not only compact and portable but also frees up your hands when worn around your neck, causing no burden. What’s more, its stylish appearance makes it eye-catching and fashionable.

Hvsaio is ergonomically designed and made from safe materials, providing a comfortable experience during extended wear. Whether you are working outdoors, in the office, at home, cooking, engaged in sports, traveling, or camping and hiking, Hvsaio is an ideal choice.

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