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DP20 PRO—Smart, Eco-friendly Bilateral Laser Distance Meter

DP20 PRO—Smart, Eco-friendly Bilateral Laser Distance Meter

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Product Description:

DP20 PRO is an exquisite bilateral laser distance meter whose exterior redefines the concept of industrial design—the cuboid-shaped body with thin surface and low-profile key caps renders a product appearance as simple as a ruler. It involves upgraded and patented distance-measuring technology that enables more efficient and accurate measurement, which meets various measurement needs of people engaged in house renovation, house decoration, interior design, exhibition design, outdoor advertising design, crafting, home soft furnishing, etc

DP20 PRO has independently developed patented coaxial optics technology. It has an internal mechanism that eliminates two-way beam variations and inaccuracies from measurement.The laser head at each end of the meter projects light beams that share a common geometric axis, which makes measurement more efficient. It is an incredibly perfect tool for complicated working environment, like house construction. You can calculate the distance between two points by positioning yourself anywhere in the line of measurement. When you need an extra hand or body or obstacles prevent your measurement, DP20 PRO removes all those hassles!

Single Measurement l Continuous Measurement l Area Measurement l Volume Measurement l auto level distance calculation l auto height finding l Auto line segment division & measuring.

The DP20 PRO features both unilateral and bilateral measurements, and the bilateral measurement overcomes restrictions of irregular spatial structures, enabling exceptionally efficient and precise distance calculation under complex spatial conditions. The smallest unit that the device is capable of measuring is 0.001m and the longest measurement range is up to 120m (394ft) in the two-way mode of measuring.

DP20 PRO also carries an expansive collection of other measuring features - single measurement, continuous measurement, area measurement, volume measurement, auto height finding, line segment division & measuring.

A special feature of DP20 PRO is that a line segment can be divided into N equal smaller segments. The feature automatically realizes staking out function by splitting the stake out line into several equal sections, which replaces traditional stake out feature of a laser distance meter that requires continuous measuring. The meter beeps as you approach to a division point and the middle laser projects a light beam that helps mark out each small segment. The length of a divided segment will be tracked and displayed as you move the meter.The feature enables more efficient and precise staking out in situations where you need to place objects at consistent interval. (1/2~1/16 segments can be set freely)

DP20 PRO achieves automatic height evaluation. To measure a billboard height, for example, you can project the beam of light to the top and bottom of the billboard through which you will find the distance of the two beams that share a common right angle side of two right triangles. The height will be automatically calculated in reference to the Pythagorean Theorem by measuring the two hypotenuses.

The horizontal distance is automatically determined by indirectly measuring the distance of an oblique line segment,or a hypotenuse with just a click of button. Sometimes when a survey line passes a hedge or an obstacle, which prevents direct level distance measurement, DP20 PRO easily helps find the level distance you want to survey without crossing the obstacle by shooting an angled laser beam up to the wall.

DP20 PRO is paired with an intelligent APP that enables picture uploading and automatic data labeling. By transmitting the data from the laser distance finder to mobile terminals such as mobile phones or tablets via bluetooth in real time, the measurement data can be shared by remote construction partners in real time.

DP20 PRO is designed with an HD OLED that displays the measurement data, direction and angle. The dynamic user-friendly UI design provides a more vivid human-machine interaction experience.

With a 1000mAh lithium battery, it only takes 2h to fully charge the battery of DP20 PRO and it affords a continuous usage up to 20,000 times. The long-life lithium battery can be recharged 1000 times, making it more environmentally friendly.

You can charge DP20 PRO with various charging methods including TYPE-C charging cable, rechargeable battery, car power and outdoor power, making it more convenient and smart for outdoor use.

DP20 PRO is made of magnesium aluminium, measures only 160*42*20mm(6.3*1.6*0.7 inch), and weighs only 150g, making it very light and compact to carry around in your pocket.

The DP20 PRO has a 1/4 bolt thread connector on the bottom that meets international standards and can be attached to a tripod for more stable measurements, freeing up your hands

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