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DesignNest—Night Light & Desktop Lamp Inspired by UFO

DesignNest—Night Light & Desktop Lamp Inspired by UFO

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Product Description:

In settings such as hotels, dining tables, restaurants, bars, balconies, and more, there is often a missing element that can bring warmth and serenity—a light that penetrates deep into the soul, wrapped in mystery, much like a UFO sighting. Inspired by this concept, we are delighted to introduce the innovative DesignNest UFO Atmosphere Lamp.

The saucer-like lamp head attaches magnetically to the ball lamp holder, enabling you to effortlessly swing it, reminiscent of a UFO hovering in the sky. What's even more exciting is that DesignNest incorporates a detachable lamp body design, challenging the traditional notion that the light source must always be connected to its base. This feature makes it incredibly versatile for use in various settings.

DesignNest's UFO lamp head and lamp base connect uniquely through amagnetic ball holder, easily transforming into a stylish table lamp, offering gentle lighting for your bedroom or living room.

Furthermore, you have the option to separate DesignNest's UFO lamp head from its base and effortlessly mount it on the wall using the magnetic ball lamp holder, instantly transforming it into a stylish wall lamp, adding a unique ambiance to your space.

DesignNest is akin to a mysterious flying saucer. Instead of emitting light from the top, it mysteriously radiates from the bottom of the lamp head. This unique bottom-emitting design not only provides distinctive lighting effects but also gives DesignNest a modern and avant-garde feel. When you turn on DesignNest, you'll immediately feel the enchantment of a glow reminiscent of something extraterrestrial!

DesignNest emits a warm yellow light. Combined with the bottom-emitting design, the light is soft and even, neither too glaring nor too dim. This warm glow creates a mysterious yet cozy atmosphere!

DesignNest's UFO lamp head can be freely adjusted 360 degrees to achieve your desired lighting angle after magnetically attaching it to the ball lamp holder. 

DesignNest uses touch controls for easy brightness adjustment. It offers three adjustable brightness levels—30 lumens, 60 lumens, and 90 lumens. You can switch between these three levels with a short touch or achieve stepless dimming with a long press. 

DesignNest's innovative design allows you to stack up to three lamp heads for illumination without the need for a lamp base. This triple stacking not only provides exceptional brightness but also adds more lighting versatility to your space.

DesignNest Atmosphere lamp is powered by a 2500mAh battery and is Type-C rechargeable, ensuring an ultra-long battery life. After a full charge, it can provide continuous lighting for approximately 5 hours at 100% brightness and 10 hours at 50% brightness. It takes only 1-1.5 hours to fully charge a single lamp. 

You can also stack and charge up to three UFO lamp heads simultaneously, saving charging time and reducing the need for multiple chargers.

DesignNest not only boasts a UFO-inspired design but also offers a variety of color options, including Space Black Gray, Space Light Gray, Wood Grain, and Marble. Additionally, its frosted surface softens the light, making it suitable for dark environments. Owning a DesignNest ambient lamp lets you showcase your unique personal style.

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