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CXBER—Multi-function Coffee & Juice Maker

CXBER—Multi-function Coffee & Juice Maker

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Product Description:

CXBER is an electric coffee machine that combines coffee grinding, brewing, juice making and smoothie making functions. All your coffee habits can be satisfied with just one CXBER. Besides, it also satisfies your need for fruit juice.

Having one CXBER means you have three commonly used machines at one time, it keeps your countertops clean and organized, and it saves you unnecessary household expenses.

CXBER's multi-function coffee maker caters to all coffee habits -- whether you're a coffee lover who likes to grind coffee beans and brew them, or you're a fan of instant coffee, CXBER can be diversified to suit everyone's tastes–Letting everyone in an office enjoy their own cup of coffee.

Automatic Grinding/Brewing with Just One Click

Just add coffee beans and water to the coffee machine and start the automatic grinding/ brewing process with one click. In just 6mins, CXBER will grind beans and brew a cup of fresh, sweet and smooth coffee for you. Without too many complex procedures – it’s simple and efficient.

A Cup of Richer Instant Coffee

CXBER also offers support for instant coffee lovers, allowing you to quickly brew instant coffee by launching the automatic brewing process with one click and getting a cup of the best-tasting coffee in just 15 seconds.

CXBER is equipped with a double filter system, so that it makes your coffee taste more delicate and silky.

CXBER makes it easy to enjoy an iced coffee -- When you want an iced coffee, just pause CXBER 's brewing process, add ice cubes, and activate the ice-crushing button, you nailed it ! Just wait a few minutes to enjoy either aniced coffee or a smoothie!

CXBER comes with a separate juice cup with three built-in blades. It can quickly extract juice from oranges, apples and other fruits. Plus the one-click ice-crushing function, you can enjoy a fresh cold drink anytime!

When used as a juicer, CXBER can also make smoothies, cocktails and other beverages and drinks. The juice cup comes with a lid so you can put your juice directly in the fridge to keep it fresh and cold – and enjoy it any time you want!

Given its versatility, you don't need to fill your kitchen with other small appliances. Also, CXBER has a built-in hidden water tray. It is hidden by rotating storage to make it easy to use, space-saving and removable for cleaning.

We attach great importance to the cleanliness of your drinks. JoinStar's water storage tank, coffee grinding/brewing assembly, water tray, and juice cup are all self-contained and removable. These parts can be washed directly to ensure your health and save your time.

The plug will be adapted to the corresponding plug according to different countries when shipped.

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