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Bone Conduction Business Headset & Bluetooth Headphones

Bone Conduction Business Headset & Bluetooth Headphones

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Product Description:

This Open-ear headphones features an environmental noise canceling technology that can improve your call experience and the ability to focus.

It comes with a magnetic detachable microphone and a built-in microphone that you can switch between if you need to make your voice sound clearer.

If you normally wear a headset for a longer period of time, this model is designed for a secure and comfortable fit that reduces the strain on your ears.

Hear The Difference Between with&without Microphone

How Others Say About Sam & Johnny

Changed for Business Headset Within Seconds

Sam&Johnny features a patented detachable external microphone that enables you to transform the headphones into a business headset within seconds. It can also improve the quality of the sound during your call so the other party can hear you better. Ideal for drivers, customer service agents, gamers and anyone who needs to take calls in noisy environments.

If you do not need to call but only listen, you can remove the external microphone and switch to the built-in microphone and prevent the outside noise from distracting you.

Sam&Johnny bluetooth headphones comes with bone and air conduction speakers. The built-in, nano-coated, titanium-plated air conduction speakers together with a 15.8mm large flat-panel bone conduction speaker ensure your comfort and high-quality sound anywhere you are.

If you get easily distracted by the outside sounds, this headset can help. It is equipped with the ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology which can effectively suppress 90% of the reverse environmental noise up to 35dB or more!The ultra-low noise floor of this Sam&Johnny far exceeds other Bluetooth headsets on the market.

Focus on live streaming even in noisy environments

Using bone conduction technology and open-ear design, this headset significantly reduces the burden on the ear. It comes with air conduction dual speakers that bring you clearer sound quality.

When enjoying the afternoon time, you can also hear the shouts of distant friends.

What's more, it enables you to stay aware of your surroundings and hear the environmental sounds. For example, identify when a car is behind you or notice voices of your friends from a distance.

When driving, real-time understanding of traffic conditions

With Sam&Johnny you can prevent others from hearing what is being said to you by the person on the other side of the line. Also, you will not disturb anyone while listening to your favourite music, podcasts or talks.

Sam&Johnny uses Bluetooth 5.2 technology which can connect the headset to another device within 15 metres. What's more, you can use a single key to control. Ideal for driving, working or exercising outside.

Sam&Johnny can also connect two devices at the same time, such as connecting two mobile phones or one mobile phone and one speaker at the same time.

Sam&Johnny's microphone is attached to the main headset via magnetic adsorption. This force is strong enough to prevent it from falling off even during dynamic physical activities. If your work requires you to move or run around a physical space, this headset is a great companion. You will also make a good use of it during your morning run or while in the gym.

Sam & Johnny adopts an ear-hook design, which is very secure and not easy to fall off, so you can wear it for running or doing other sports with confidence.

It is made of ABS+ skin-friendly soft silicone material, and the ear hook wire is made of memory steel titanium. The headphones weigh only 35g and microphone weighs only 5g, which is light and comfortable to wear.

The magnetic microphone tube adopts metal material mechanical structure memory hose, which is very flexible and can be bent to fit the face at will.

Sam&Johnny supports IP56 life waterproof, sweatproof and light rainproof.

Built-in 270mAh rechargeable battery, continuous playback 8-10H, standby up to 200h.

Sam&Johnny's microphone magnetic interface is also a charging port, using a magnetic charging cable to charge the headphones.

Sam&Johnny wireless headphones are also used with USB Dongle for wireless connection. Built-in Bluetooth 5.2 chip, the signal is stable and high-speed transmission, and the response is fast. Can be used for desktop computers to play games, listen to music, etc.

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