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FANCYARTTOY, Switchable Accessories to DIY Different Figures

FANCYARTTOY, Switchable Accessories to DIY Different Figures

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Welcome to the world of “FANCYARTTOY”, a figure with touching stories and unique designs. Through “FANCYARTTOY”, you will witness the growth and self-exploration of the little boy. He is no longer bound by a fixed form, but become infinite!

“FANCYARTTOY” was born in a little boy’s journey of fate. Once upon a time, there was a little boy-Aqua who lost all his family in a terrible fire. He was the only one who miraculously survived, but he suffered extensive burns all over his body, so he had to wrap himself up with a bandage and cover himself with a raincoat. His ugly burned face attracted the ridicule and indifference of the people around him.

Later, he accidentally got two mysterious masks, one symbolizing speed and the other symbolizing strength. In the past, without a mask, he was afraid, cowardly, miserable, lonely and desperate. He had no image and was not remembered by others. After wearing a mask, he has the soul on the mask and can draw strength from it.

Aqua can defend justice and protect what he loves through the mask, and Aqua can also retaliate against all those who insult him! All chosen by the heart, and “you” can define everything in the world of “FANCYARTTOY”.

When ultraviolet light shines on clothes, blood will appear on clothes, and when ultraviolet light shines on the eyes, they will show fluorescence.

The "FANCYARTTOY" action figure allows arm disassembly and reassembly, enabling character transformation. Paired with a briefcase and newspaper, it showcases a corporate slave appearance; with a mace and a baseball & baseball bloves, it depicts a yearning for positivity.

Special Masks Assembly

Each mask can be interchanged on the face, representing different characters and powers. The masks have magnets, allowing them to be used as fridge magnets and stick to any steel surface. They can also serve as clothing decorations.

“FANCYARTTOY” can not only be regarded as a collection but also a window to show human nature and inner strength. Everyone has his own world of faceless. We don’t have to be defined by our appearance, but we should find our true selves through our inner strength and emotion. In a thousand hearts, there are a thousand Hamlets; in a thousand hearts, there are a thousand Formless. Our slogan is "Formless by Nature, Defined by Heart."


The Aqua of FANCYARTTOY adopts the Subaru sports car paint process, which is artificially painted. The patterns on FANCYARTTOY are painted by hand.


If you are also a DIY enthusiast, you can buy "FANCYARTTOY" white mold, match colors by yourself, and DIY paint. The "FANCYARTTOY" white mold support all water-based pigments for coloring.

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