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FANCYARTTOY Series Figures : Five Unique Characters Optional

FANCYARTTOY Series Figures : Five Unique Characters Optional

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In the new series of figures from FANCYARTTOY, a mysterious spirit hides within every figurine. Every reveal marks the beginning of a brand new story.

I can be a different me. FANCYARTTOY is my name, and the beating heart inside me is the self I've fiercely hidden—a true me. I've been bullied for too long, fear, weakness, pain, loneliness, and despair eating away at my soul. I crave more, a stronger power to support me, to protect myself and my little bunny companion.

One day, FANCYARTTOY stumbled upon a dusty box in an old wooden house. Opening it, there were five different masks inside. In a corner of the box, a yellowed parchment detailed these masks possessing a special power—once worn, they would grant the wearer the soul's strength imprinted on the mask. FANCYARTTOY tremblingly reached for one of the masks...

Who I am is defined by you. This is FANCYARTTOY's journey to explore and discover the true self!

Each color, every vein, is a part of FANCYARTTOY's inner self. Each personality interacts with the others, creating an intricate, mysteriously colorful inner world. This transparent body is like an open book, waiting for someone curious enough to interpret the hidden stories and emotions within.

Empowered by masks, FANCYARTTOY undergoes an unprecedented trial. Each mask represents a different soul, and his dual personalities are starting to merge. What kind of spark will this fusion unleash? Will it be a blend of chaos and calmness or a fusion of strength and tenderness? How will this internal conflict evolve, shaping the unique FANCYARTTOY?

A mysterious transformation, my inner self suddenly takes on a whole new appearance, an unexpected new identity quietly emerges, catching everyone off guard...

The FANCYARTTOY figures are not just perfect display pieces, they're collectibles injecting endless fascination and vibrancy into living spaces. Their smooth finish radiates a unique shine, creating a myriad of colors through the interplay of light and shadow.

FANCYARTTOY isn't just a collectible, it's a window into showcasing human nature and inner strength. We're not defined by external factors but rather by the power and emotions within, finding our true selves. Through FANCYARTTOY, you'll witness a young boy's growth and self-discovery. He's no longer bound by fixed forms but instead embraces endless possibilities!

The crafting of the transparent FANCYARTTOY figure is incredibly detailed, using various coating techniques to enhance its texture and intricate details. This figure features five hearts: electroplated black, electroplated gold, electroplated red, electroplated pink, and an iridescent electroplating. The eyes, done in iridescent electroplating, add fun and an artistic vibe to the piece, ensuring a rich variety of colors.

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