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AMKOV —The Most Affordable V-LOG Camera

AMKOV —The Most Affordable V-LOG Camera

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Product Description:

The AMKOV is a multifunctional V-LOG digital camera that combines DC and DV functions to capture both 48 million resolution photos and 4K/60fps high speed photography to help you record clear footage of your life.

To make day-to-day filming even simpler, AMKOV's handheld tripod is designed with a remote control in an integrated unit, so you can use the remote control to take photos or videos whenever and wherever you want.

The built-in webcam with external microphone is perfect for V-LOG 'ers and live streamers who want to take videos on the go.

Most V-LOG cameras on the market are expensive, with simple accessories starting at $500, which is not a friendly price for students or photographers on a low income. AMKOV is packed with features including remote control, microphone, handheld tripod and other accessories, but for only $149. It is the most affordable V-LOG on the market for V-LOG'ers and live streamers.

Easy to grasp and use like a mobile phone, AMKOV digital camera makes it effortless to take pictures or record videos in your daily life. AMKOV features a sensor with 48 million resolution and 4K/60fps HD recording performance, so you can always  capture high definition images and record the world in clarity. It also supports memory cards up to 128G.

  • 4K/60fps—Video Resolution 1080P/120 fps—Video Resolution
  • 48 Million—Picture Resolution

The remote controller of AMKOV is designed into the tripod's handle, so you can simply switch on the AMKOV camera and use the controller to take selfies or photos wirelessly, even at a distance of 10m. When you don't need to use the remote controller, simply place it in the tripod that makes it space-saving and easy to carry.

The remote controller is equipped with a 230mAh CR2032 battery, which can be easily removed and replaced by removing the cover.

In addition to acting as a support stand, the AMKOV tripod can also be used as a hand-held shooting stand, allowing for steady shooting even on the move.

The Handheld tripod supports up and down adjustments to meet your shooting needs in different poses.

However, with long term outdoor use in mind, we have designed a 2500mAh rechargeable battery in the tripod as well, so you can connect the camera to the tripod via Type-C and charge the camera directly.

The AMKOV camera has a built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery, which can last for 50 minutes.

Configured with a PC-CAM webcam and an external paired 3.5mm noise-cancelling microphone, AMKOV can be connected to a PC via USB-C, allowing for instant live streaming, online video, media interviews and clear pictures and videos in 4K.

AMKOV is compatible with 100° wide-angle lenses and macro lenses: with a wide-angle lens, you get a wider field of view; with a macro lens, you can capture tiny objects clearly.

The display screen of AMKOV can be flipped 180 degrees to meet your shooting needs in different poses and realize low-camera shooting.

With its built-in retractable fill light, AMKOV pops up the fill light at the touch of a button to illuminate your shooting vision and enrich the light and shadows.

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