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A Small Coffee Maker: More Choices to DIY Your Perfect Brew

A Small Coffee Maker: More Choices to DIY Your Perfect Brew

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Product Description:

Traditional small coffee makers typically operate based on preset values, resulting in uncontrollable temperature and a lack of visible temperature parameters, making their functionality relatively limited. To address these issues, we have introduced the HiBREW small coffee maker, which supports DIY adjustment, allowing you greater freedom to customize a unique coffee experience.

Compared to other small coffee machines, H10B small coffee machine offers coffee creators exceptional freedom and flexibility, elevating the experience to a higher level of customization. It empowers you to create a rich and aromatic coffee by supporting personalized adjustments to heating temperature, steam temperature, and pre-brewing time. The digital screen displays the factors influencing a high-quality cup of coffee, considering details from a nuanced perspective. Every cup crafted by the H10B is a delightful journey of taste, showcasing its excellence in coffee preparation.

H10B small coffee machine introduces a digital display screen in its personalized adjustable mode, providing a clear presentation of the numerical information corresponding to the current mode. This intelligent design allows you to easily understand and precisely control the key parameters of coffee preparation.

H10B small coffee machine offers personalized temperature adjustment, allowing users to customize based on their taste preferences. You can choose the ideal hot extraction temperature within a range from 90°C to 95°C, ensuring that each cup of coffee achieves the best taste.

H10B also features a cold brew function, offering coffee enthusiasts a unique and refreshing coffee experience. This function allows users to craft delightful cold brew coffee in a low-temperature environment (25°C), preserving the original flavors and aromas of the coffee beans.

H10B small coffee machine adjusts the steeping time based on the characteristics of different coffee grounds, with a customizable pre-soak time of 0-10 seconds. By tailoring the steeping time according to the performance of the coffee grounds, it ensures the optimal extraction of the finest flavors, bringing out the best taste in the coffee.

Taste in its Purest Form

During the few seconds of resting time after the brief water injection, the coffee powder fer-ments in a vacuum environment, producing a more fragrant aroma and richer taste.

Pre-brew Adjustment Mode

In the unique settings of the H10B small coffee machine, a steam temperature adjustment feature is incorporated, with a temperature range from 125°C to 150°C. Precise control over the texture and taste of the foam is crucial, providing baristas and coffee enthusiasts with more creative space to meet diverse taste preferences.

Adjustable Steam Knot

H10B small coffee machine utilizes high-temperature and high-pressure steam technology, skillfully operated by a 360° rotating steam wand. Through meticulous craftsmanship, it delivers smooth milk foam.

Making milk foam with HI0B is a breeze, you just prepare some fresh milk to enhance the layers of flavor in your coffee.

Whether you fancy a latte, cappuccino, or any other frothy beverage, H10B will treat you to a delightful experience of rich and creamy indulgence.

In comparison to other small coffee machines, the H10B, with its compact dimensions of 310x130x280 mm, takes the definition of DIY innovation in small coffee machines to the next level.

A Diverse Journey of Coffee

H10B small coffee machine is the ideal companion for a delightful coffee journey suitable for various occasions. Its exquisite design and versatility allow it to easily adapt to different environments and moments.

H10B coffee machine provides users with two flexible capacity adjustment options to meet different preferences and occasions. You can choose a single cup capacity of 35-150ml or a double cup capacity of 70-300ml, allowing personalized selection of the suitable volume for each unique cup of coffee.

H10B coffee machine stands out with its remarkable 20-bar high-pressure extraction technology. The pressure during coffee extraction allows steam to penetrate the coffee grounds easily and uniformly, extracting delicate coffee oils, resulting in a more intense and rich coffee flavor.

H10B coffee machine is equipped with a visual pressure gauge, allowing real-time monitoring during the extraction process.

H10B coffee machine comes with a stainless steel coffee powder container, offering the option of single and double cup capacities to meet various needs.

Place the coffee powder into the aluminum alloy portafilter basket, tamp the coffee powder tightly to ensure a smooth surface. Then, proceed with the following steps.

The coffee machine's hot water function adds versatility to the device. Besides brewing coffee, it can also be used for preparing tea beverages, making other hot drinks, heating cups, and cleaning the equipment. This feature offers more choices, making the coffee machine an all-in-one hot beverage-making tool to cater to different tastes and needs.

After using the steam function, if you need to brew coffee again immediately, it needs to be cooled down first, as follows:

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